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Welcome To Instructional Technology!
Get ready to "dive" into Instructional Technology! What is Instructional Technology you ask?  Instructional Technology is the process of using technology (e.g., Multimedia, Computers, Audiovisual Aids) as a tool to support and improve learning. The application of technology to instruction is optimized when instructors have a basic understanding of various technologies and Instructional Best Practices. Instructional Technology is also referred to as "Educational Technology."    

Most people agree that technology skills will be essential for every person in the 21st century.  It is hard to think of any career that does not require the use of technology.  Research has shown that technology skills are not effectively developed by teaching technology as a stand-alone class. Technology needs to be integrated into the daily activities of every classroom.
Technology integration does not occur overnight.  Technology integration happens in distinct phases.  Initially, technology just replaces older tools.  Then, technology begins to replace tools because it is more efficient and effective. Finally, technology allows teaching and learning to take place in new ways and expands the walls of the classroom to include the wider world.
We are “Committed To Excellence,” and we are working hard to make this site a primary source for timely information for all users.  This form of technology will be a main gateway for improved communication between our department, teachers, administrators, and site technology coordinators.
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This site was created and is maintained by the Instructional Technology Department of Tulsa Public Schools.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about anything on this site, please email us.
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