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Podcasting   Will   Enhance   Your   Teaching   Strategies! 

What value do MP3 players (iPod, Zune, cell phones, etc.) have in the educational process?  Many of today's students have these portable devices so why not tap into that resource to deliver curriculum and engage students?  Recording students, teachers, and events through audio and video podcasts is very engaging and serves to promote student learning. Podcasting in education is the next revolution after television!
How Can I Use MP3s In The Classroom?
  • Deliver professional development among teachers and administrators
  • Incorporate into your classroom web-based podcasts from sites such as the History Channel, NASA, etc.
  • Mini educational presentations to your students
  • Student projects
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Language learners--pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Teaching Literacy Skills (reference p. 40)
  • Check out what other educators are doing
  • Audio/video message placed on your website
  • Facilitate self-paced learning
  • Re-mediation of slower learners
  • Allow faculty to offer advanced and or highly motivated learners extra content
  • Help students with reading and/or other disabilities
  • Provide the ability for educators to feature guest speakers from remote locations
  • Allow guest speakers the ability to present once to many sections and classes
  • Allow educators to escape the tedium of lecturing
  • Offer a richer learning environment
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