Obtaining Promethean Software

  • Request your Site Tech place a work order with ISS for software loads
  • If you would like your students to view your Promethean Flipchart files on a computer which doesn't have the Promethean software (such as at home), the Personal Version of the Software must be installed.  CLICK HERE to access the Inspire Personal Version download. 


 IE  Complete List of Promethean User Guides  
   ActivInspire User Guide  
   ActivInspire Quick Guide  
   ActivInspire in the Classroom  


Promethean Planet - Join, It's Free 

Are you looking for already-prepared Promethean lessons?  Have you checked out Promethean Planet?  There are over 14,000 lessons ready to be used.  These are FREE downloads, but you must register (free) at this site to be able to download or submit lessons.  You must have the Promethean software loaded on your computer to download and manipulate these lessons. See your Site Tech for this installation.  Promethean Planet membership includes:
  • Interactive Flipchart Lessons
  • Lesson Resources
  • User Forums
  • Top Tips
  • Software Tutorials
  • Training and Support
  • Teacher Feature
  • User Guides and Manuals
  • Personalized content




Downloads to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Downloadable Lessons

As a Planet member, you have access to thousands of FlipChart lessons and idea starters submitted by educators around the world! If you're looking for inspiration while developing your own lessons, or want a FlipChart that you can use immediately in your ActivClassroom, you've come to the right place! And be sure to return the favor by submitting your own lesson!  CLICK HERE

Resources Packs

Resource packs are collections of vibrant images, videos and more that will liven up your lessons and make students sit up and take notice! These packs cover a variety of curriculum areas and topics, and are easily installed into your ActivInspire Resource Browser.  CLICK HERE

Themed Resources

The Themes section includes compilations of flipcharts, resource packs, weblinks and articles all related to a particular theme or topic. CLICK HERE


Incorporating websites into your lessons is a powerful (and easy) way to expose your students to other cultures, viewpoints and new activities. Many of the weblinks on Promethean Planet feature sites with interactive activities that you can use right away with your ActivBoard, as well as with ActiVotes or ActivExpression. CLICK HERE to seach WebLinks

Increasing Your Expertise

 Tulsa Public Schools Promethean Training Materials

Have you been to a TPS training session and would like the training materials?  Would you like to conduct a training at your site?  TPS Prom. Training Files for TPS Promethean Training Materials.

Promethean Sponsored Professional Development

It is not enough to just install new technology. To get the results you're looking for, go beyond the basics and take your Activboard skills to new levels with Promethean's range of professional development programs. CLICK HERE to get started.

Best Practices

Learning how to use your ActivClassroom components is the EASY part.  Learning how to use them in harmony with what you that's a challenge!  Find out about the latest research and theory into teaching and learning from educational experts around the world. CLICK HERE to read the theory and learn how to improve your classroom practice with simple ideas and resources.

News and Events

For Promethean news from around the globe, events which may be taking place locally, and product news, CLICK HERE.

Tips and Tricks

Classroom life is easier with a few handy shortcuts! Visit the Tips and Tricks section for the latest hints on using ActivInspire.  CLICK HERE


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