Smart Notebook Express!    Now anyone, anywhere can open, edit and share lessons and other content created in SMART Notebook software anytime at no charge.

SMART Notebook Express is the new lightweight, web-based version of SMART Notebook software and is the latest addition to the SMART Notebook line of products. It offers open access to some of the same delivery and editing features found in SMART Notebook software, the world’s most popular collaborative learning software. You don’t need to log in and there’s no software to download – all you need is access to the Internet.

What does this mean to teachers and students?  You can now post your class Notebook files on your class website.  Your students can go to the Smart Notebook Express website then open your Notebook files--no software to download!  Post this link on your class/school website.

Software Downloads

  • School Computer?  Site Tech is to place a work order for the load.  For instructions:  CLICK HERE (accessible from TPS Intranet only)
  • Home Computer?
    1. You will need a serial number AND product key for home installs.  These numbers are for TPS employees only and are posted on the TPS INTRANET.  While on a TPS computer, CLICK HERE to get the numbers.  You will want to copy/paste them into an email then send them to yourself at home.  You will not be able to get to the INTRANET to access these numbers from home.
    2. IMPORTANT: You must download and install both Notebook software and the following software driver, in order to run Notebook software 10. CLICK HERE to download the software.
    3. IMPORTANT:  After downloading the software, you will need to download the software driver.  CLICK HERE to download the driver.
  • How do I view a SmartBoard notebook file if I don't have the SmartBoard?   You can get a free SmartBoard viewer download from the SmartBoard website.  CLICK HERE to access the Windows version download. CLICK HERE to access the Mac version download.   Students can get this download to view your Notebook files at home.

Section 1:  Resources to Enhance Teaching and Learning
Section 2:  Additional Resources to Integrate with Board Use
Section 3:  Downloadable Lessons Templates & Other Resources
Section 4:  Training Materials
Section 5:  Announcements Section 6:  Ed Compass Newsletters



 Heather's Make-it-Take-it SmartBoard Files
Elementary Math/Science
Elementary Language Arts/Social Studies
Secondary Math/Science   
 Copacabana Get Smart (Australian)
Get Smart (preK-8)



Section 1
Resources to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Smart Exchange

Find resources for your classroom and connect with teachers.  This site contains a wealth of information and lessons created by fellow teachers throughout the U.S.  Locate Notebook files aligned to Oklahoma PASS.  SMART Exchange
Teacher's Hub

Smart Webinars:  CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

Online Tutorials:
Smart's Website
You Tube
Teacher Tube
Puzzled about what to do next with your SMART education technology products? There’s no need to be. The Teachers’ Hub will help you put everything together – one piece at a time.  You’ll find training, networking and content resources specifically designed for you, whether you’re just starting to use technology in the classroom or have been teaching with it for years.

Lesson Activities

Why reinvent the wheel?  Take advantage of thousands of Notebook software lesson activities for your classroom.  Follow the link to Lesson Activities and you will find lessons arranged by subject, grade level, by state standards, and in English as well as foreign languages. 

Lesson Resources

Access images, Adobe Flash content and other resources for your SMART Notebook software lessons.  The Lesson Activity Toolkit and Essentials for Educators Gallery are included in the SmartBoard software load done by ISS.  CLICK HERE to get an overview of these resources.

Online Classroom Resources (Websites)

Browse these website lists--elementary or secondary--to find free, curriculum-related resources for your classroom.  This list includes some great websites to integrate into your classroom instruction with the use of the SmartBoard.

Smart Technologies Educational Consultant
Heather Lamb    817.917.7260817.917.7260 (SmartBoard and Heather Lamb's Favorite SmartBoard Sites)


Section 2
Additional Software Packages to Integrate with Board Use

Speller Software

Speller software 2.0 is an application to help students improve their literacy skills. It is available as a no-charge download for SMART customers. Specifically created for the interactive capabilities of SMART Board interactive whiteboards, this software helps make learning fun and engaging. With Speller software, students and teachers can do the following:

  • Display images of the word to be spelled
  • Drag letters on screen to spell words
  • Get automatic feedback on answers
  • Adjust the difficulty level
  • Import entire word lists, even foreign languages
  • Test words from other languages

Number Cruncher Software

Number Cruncher software is an application to help students improve their arithmetic skills. It is available as a no-charge download for SMART customers. Specifically created for the interactive capabilities of SMART Board interactive whiteboards, this software helps make learning fun and engaging. With it, teachers can do the following things:

  • Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions
  • Set the level of difficulty
  • Get automatic feedback on students’ answers
  • Incorporate fractions and decimals for more advanced learning
  • Enable students to use interactive images to find the correct answer

Finale Notepad Music Notation Software

Finale Notepad software is a music education application from MakeMusic! Inc. It is available as a no-charge download for SMART customers. When used with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, this software brings students to the front of the class to experiment with and control their own music. With Finale Notepad, students can do the following:

  • Compose, print and play music
  • Choose instruments or voices to perform music
  • Select musical notations and arrange them on music sheets
  • Print musical scores
  • Publish scores on the Web
  • Enter lyrics to go with your music


Section 3
 Downloadable Lessons, Templates, and Other Resources

Koosh Ball Game
This is a fun game which can be modified according to your curriculum content.  Students can throw a cush ball at the board to make it operate like the fair balloon game.  Check it out!
PowerPoint Games
Parade of Games in PowerPoint is a website with many of the popular games in PowerPoint format.  Because these are templates, you have the ability to change the game questions to incorporate your standards.  Bingo, Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, etc. all interactive from the SmartBoard!
Longwood Central School District
Great collection of SmartBoard lessons for all grade levels, all curriculum areas.

Winnipeg Public Schools 
SmartBoard Lesson Database. Once you locate a lessons you would like to download, place your cursor over the title, right click, then select "Save Target As."  Save it to your computer.

Project Interactive
Project Interactive contains lessons, activities, discussions, and tools are included in this useful web-site. Although the primary focus is on middle school math, much of its content is relevant in the Algebra I classroom as well.


Section 4 
TPS SmartBoard Training Materials


SmartBoard Mod. 1 Handout
Math Tools User's Guide
Trainer's File
Trainees' File
 Sample Notebook Files for Demo Purposes
 Math - Secondary
 Math Baseball Challenge
 Math Division
 Math Place Value
 Social Studies
 Language Arts


SmartBoard Mod. 2 Handout
Trainer's File
Trainees' File


SmartBoard Mod. 3 Handout
Lesson Activity Toolkit Manual
Trainer's File
Trainees' File


SmartBoard Mod. 4 Handout
Trainer File
Word Sample Document
Sample Flash File
Sample .swf File


SmartBoard Mod. 5 Handout
Trainer's File
Trainees' File
Mod. 5 Sample Video (To download this video, right click on it and select "Save Target As." 
Save to your computer.)


SmartBoard Mod. 6 Handout
Mod. 6 Trainer's File
1 More 1 Less Question Set Sample
Customizing Smart Slate Manual
Using Smart Slate Manual


Section 5 

Spanish Items in the Gallery

In the Search Box of the Gallery, enter Spanish.  You will find many items (SmartBoard lessons and images) in Spanish!  Note image below to locate the Search area in the Gallery. 


Do You Want Lessons in Other Languages?

CLICK HERE To Access Foreign Language Lessons

You will find lessons grouped according to countries.  You will notice a Latin America link.  Also, if you select “Europe,” you will see lessons in Dutch, French, and Spanish.


 Section 6 
Ed Compass Newsletters
Tips, Tricks, and What's New With SmartBoards

Ed Compass Newsletters help you stay informed about the latest resources, opportunities, and information for educators. CLICK HERE for the current and previous issues.

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